25 - 30 January 2018

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Cape Epic Training Camp Feedback

"To Steven, Di, and the Daytrippers team: Just a quick note from Mike and I to thank you once again for a fabulous training camp: I can't imagine how bad the Epic would have been without having those 4 days in the tank, together with all the insight that comes with it. Can't guarantee I'll be back next year - just completing this one is enough to contemplate, but if I'm signed up again next year, the Daytrippers camp will be a must-do again!"

Ralph Buddle


"I can't believe it took me so many Epics before I realised what an advantage your Training Camps gives one.

Despite introducing your body to the physical demands of the route, the mental advantage of knowing over which terrain one needs to go is priceless. Even after a few Epic's it settles the nerves and fears of "... hope I will be lucky enough to finish..."

Can you please put my name down for both training camps "

Elmien Stander


"You are quite possibly becoming blasé about positive feedback from your customers – everyone seems to love the experiences you provide for them - but I would like to briefly add my voice to the din.
The camp met all the objectives that had been promised, presented a whole bunch of experiences plus insights that had not been promised, and exceeded my expectations (and they were not low).  We learnt a massive amount about our bikes, the route, how we function as a team as well as the stunning geography of this fine land.  And we had heaps of fun.

Thank you, it was FANTASTIES.  Look forward to seeing you at the Epic – you better follow through with that promised loud support!" 

Christo Geyer


"Hi Steve and Di, It was absolutely awesome seeing you guys on the route , especially the first time I saw Steve at the bottom of Groenlandberg. I saw him a few more times and Di on occasion and it was so awesome- like a pupil seeing their teacher :). The training camp was so helpful to me as I knew exactly how steep and long the climb was, and knew from the training camp how hard I could go, and what the recovery looked like after the climb. My goals for the Epic were realized and the pre knowledge of the routes contributed immensly".

Thanks guys


jacques tattersall


"Hi Di, Through this mail I wanted to express my gratitude to you and the entire Daytrippers team!
I didn't have any expectations getting on the camp, but it was the most epic thing I have ever experienced!
A great group of fantastic people, all excited to climb the mountains and suffer to the fullest.
I couldn't be more happy. It was pure enjoyment, being one with nature. The camp was one big hell of a ride and lots of fun!
I hope to be back one day and explore more of South Africa. And maybe I'll ride the Epic some day.
Keep doing what you do - I loved Daytrippers' enthusiasm and professional coaching. Thanks for facilitating my first ever mountain bike experience. Wished I could ride MTB more often.
Send my regards to Steve and the team.
Thanks again for the epic memorable moments!"

Best, Kris


"Di / Steve Thanks for the email and more so for your support during our camps and the loud support during the race.

The difference knowing a few friendly faces made this time round is immeasurable and the extra push we gave when hearing the espresso pot may well have made the difference not to mention the extra kick Rod had after Di provided some encouragement on Stage 6.

We wouldn't have traded our camps with you guys for anything in our preparation for the Epic - the best 4 days any epic hopeful could spend. Having ridden part of the course helped a great deal mentally and I will recommend these to anyone else crazy enough to ride the epic. I hope it was a successful week for you guys with the daytrippers riders.

All the best and thanks for everything."



"Di/Steve Thank you so much for your support over the Epic and on the earlier training camp. The training camp was perfect preparation in terms of knowing some of the routes, training and getting into the discipline of eating/riding at 7/etc.

Whilst there are a hundred things that go into a successful Epic, not doing your training camp, in my opinion, places much more reliance on those than is necessary. I would recommend the training camp to anyone doing the Epic for sure.

Thanks again for all your support. My rides will be all the poorer for there being no one clanging a coffee pot at the top of every hill!!"



"Dear Di, Thank you so much for another great training camp. You, Steve and Ricky are simply the best, the way in which you go about living life is inspirational. As for the Epic......such a simple question, " why do you do it every year ? ", yet the answer is still hiding somewhere in the meaning of life. Looking forward to see you along the route."

Kind Regards



"Thank you very much for such an excellent training opportunity, your input is highly appreciated. I have previously attended other training camps but none can be compared to the Daytrippers, you guys are in a league of your own, well done. Please let me know if the second training camp planned for 17-21 January will take place, I would love to attend again. Greetings to all."

Kind Regards

Elmien Stander


“Thanks again for an awesome riding experience. This is most certainly the most significant input in terms of epic training i have done in 6 months.”

Rob Wright


“Thanks again to all for the fantastic trip with all the tips, help and encouragement. It was a hugely steep learning curve and was probably the most important thing we could've done to help us finish the Epic other than buy our bikes.“

Kevin Skillikorn & Bridgette Dresner


“ thanks so much for all you did to make this a worthwhile training ride. Yes it was tough but you guys made it fun and the backup was superb. To get to ride some of those places was a real treat.”

Gary Tullis


“Whew “BUGGERED” doesn’t describe it!!  Only got out of bed at 11 yesterday. 
I loved the tour and it was really worthwhile to know the reality of what’s to come.
Thank you for everything.”

Dawn Herbert


“Thanks for a stunning weekend. Was absolutely amazing. Cannot wait for Jan 2013”

Sean Hanekom


“Apart from the great bunch, sweet routes and excellent scenery, I feel that the most value came from getting my mind around some of the Epic days - this will prove especially helpful during Epic (and we might even enjoy it too :)  )
Many thanks for the great organisation and your approach to biking, dont be surprised if you see me again!”

Reuben Fleischer


“ THANKS for an awesome riding experience – It was really great. From your efficient organising, the vibe you guys created, the riding lessons you taught us, your amazing hospitality (and I really can go on and on).”

Nathaniel Simpson
P.S. I’m going to rave about Day Trippers to all my riding mates for a long time to come


“Thanks once again for organising such an awesome training camp with all the magic ingredients – great riding, people, food, organisation, experience - with a few mechanical challenges thrown in for good measure!”

Ray Farrenkothen


Cape Epic Training

"I can't imagine how bad the Epic would have been without having those 4 days in the tank, together with all the insight that comes with it...." More

Winter Warmer

"Thank you all so much for an absolutely awesome week of everything that makes for a really great breakaway – lovely people, fantastic food..." More

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