25 - 30 January 2018

The aim of the tour is to provide a very comprehensive base training for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour in March 2018... more


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Prima Vera Feedback

"Thanks so much to you, Steve and Alexis for, yet again, a fantastic tour.You have it down to a fine art and I assure you the process is much appreciated by all of us.The style and manner that you have engrained into this event is fantastic and I feel privileged and honored to be a participant.You deserve all the good things that happen to good people!"

Fondest regards, Pat


“ The tour was wonderful.  Steve and Alex were so hospitable and helpful.  They really have a way of making sure that everything runs smoothly and that nothing appears to be too much of a problem. The manner in which they accommodated Paul and I on the tandem and helped us with our various teething troubles is greatly appreciated by the two of us.  The new route was very enjoyable, the accommodation was fantastic and the group all got on well, making it another fun-filled week."

Sarah Smith


"Thanks for a great and very well organised trip – as usual met or exceeded all expectations.”

Patrick Landey


"Primavera was a great tour – the routes we rode definitely some of the best. (admittedly we were also lucky with the weather)… 
Well done again – certainly a tour that gets ‘big time’ approval from me."

Doug Leather


"Many thanks for a fantastic tour. The route, venues, planning and organisation were outstanding."

Stephen Gregory


"Just a quick note to thank you all for another terrific experience. It may just seem like a cycle tour and hard work to you guys, but it really enriches our lives. You have a fantastic bunch of clients and the get-aways bring great enjoyment and balance to us.
Well done and keep it up, I hope to see you on many tours yet."

Rowan Gordan


"Just a note to say a warm thank you for an exceptionally well organised and executed Prima Vera.
You guys always go the extra mile for us and you do it so calmly and always with a big smile."

Nick Stamatiadis

Cape Epic Training

"I can't imagine how bad the Epic would have been without having those 4 days in the tank, together with all the insight that comes with it...." More

Winter Warmer

"Thank you all so much for an absolutely awesome week of everything that makes for a really great breakaway – lovely people, fantastic food..." More

Prima Vera

"Thanks so much to you, Steve and Alexis for, yet again, a fantastic tour..."More

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