25 - 30 January 2018

The aim of the tour is to provide a very comprehensive base training for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour in March 2018... more


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Cedarberg Wilderness Experience

The Cedarberg Wilderness Area lies about 200 km north of Cape Town and encompasses 71,000 ha of rugged mountainous terrain. It is renowned for its spectacular landscapes and rock formations as well as its namesake, the increasingly rare Clanwilliam Cedar. Leopards are fairly common in this area, although very shy and rarely seen. Baboons, Dassies, Grey Rheebok, Klipspringers, the small Grey Mongoose and the Striped Polecat are often seen. More than 100 bird species occur here, with Black Eagle, Rock Kestrel and Jack Buzzard the most common raptors. There is also a proliferation of ancient rock art from the original San inhabitants.

We have the option of either basing ourselves in rustic cottages in the heart of the Cedarberg and venturing out each day on various hikes - to The Wofberg Arch, The Wolfberg Cracks, The Stadsaal, the Maltese Cross, etc , returning to the comforts of base in the evening , or we can hike continuously in one direction with luggage and food transfer daily. Either way, you will enjoy plenty of traditional fireside cheer and see the stars like never before in the pristine wilderness nighttime sky, unsullied by city lights - a spiritual experience!

This hiking experience combines very well with mountain biking.

Remember, the details are dictated by your:

  • Length of stay
  • Size of group
  • Distance to hike each day
  • Budget
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Points of interest, special attractions, additional activities, sight-seeing

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