Beneath the peaks of Lion’s head lies the affluent suburb of Clifton. Drenched in glamour and luxury, Clifton is host to the most expensive real estate in South Africa.  At the foot of its hillside lies its four magnificent beaches, each known for their own character and beauty.

The Beaches

Dubbed the Millionaire’s row of Cape Town, it’s clear why locals and tourists flock to Clifton’s beaches during summer. The beaches are known for their white sands and beautiful cobalt blue water, each with their own unique character. The Clifton beaches are separated into 4 by big granite boulders that shelter the beach goers from the infamous Cape Doctor. This is one of the biggest reasons why the 4 Clifton beaches are so popular.

Things to do

The Clifton beaches are great for swimming. The tides tend to be the strongest at first beach and diminishes as it moves to fourth beach. Fourth beach is generally the most populated, with sunbathers and swimmers alike relaxing on the idyllic white sands. It’s common to see yachts anchored right of the bay of the fourth beach.

First beach is generally populated by locals and second beach populated with students engaging in water-and beach sports. Due to their glamourous location the four different Clifton beaches are often visited by the rich and famous, so it’s not uncommon to spot your favourite influencers on their shores.

Clifton’s Summer Secret

During the summer months, the tides reveal a secret to Clifton beach goers.  Low tide during summer reveals a secret beach that is only accessible through a path at first beach (or, you can get direct access if you are lucky enough to own a property on the shore line). This secret beach is named Moses Beach, due to the Papyrus plants that grow along its banks.

Best Time for day trips

With its main attraction being wonderful beaches, the best time to visit Clifton is generally in the summer from early December to late April. The beaches are sheltered from the South Easterly winds ensuring the the perfect location for those windy days.  Hot days are best for visiting the shores of Clifton as the water is quite chilly- with a general temperature of 12 to 16 degrees Celsius.

The beaches make great Sundowner spots with locals and visitors populating the white beaches while watching the sunset after a luxury day at Clifton.  This is generally followed by a fun filled evening at the Cocktail bars of Camps bay.

Due to its Blue Flag status, all four beaches have dedicated lifeguards during the summer months. Check out below what day trips Clifton is apart of.

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