Sloped against Signal Hill is the Colorful District Bo-Kaap. Towering over Cape Town, this suburb is full of history and culture. Come Visit the Malay Quarters of the Bo-Kaap on our City Tour of Cape Town.

The Multi-colors of the District

The Bo-Kaap is one of the most unique suburbs in Cape Town due to its authentic features. This suburb attracts thousands of tourists each year for its colourful architecture and people. If only for its magnificent views of Cape Town, or the amazing cultural feeling, the Bo-Kaap is truly worth its Heritage Status being bestowed on it in 2019.

The Rainbow nation

Lime green, bright blue, fuchsia pink, and electric yellow are just some of the vivid colors of the Bo-Kaap. The suburb truly is the visual embodiment of the Rainbow nation of South Africa. There’s no clear timeline of when the painting of the houses began. However, it’s widely believed that it began as a celebration of freedom and Individualism. After the abolishment of Apartheid in 1994, the Bo-Kaap community where allowed to buy their houses from the council. They were allowed ownership of their own dwellings, for the first time in over 300 years.  And thus, the colorful celebration began.

Its Heritage

The Bo-Kaap is home to the oldest Mosque in South Africa.  Auwall Mosque was constructed in 1794 and has been a staple in the Muslim Committee ever since. Arab-Afrikaans was first taught here,  recognised today as a modern version of Afrikaans.  The Oldest House in the Bo-Kaap is set to have been built in 1768. Today it houses the Museum of the Bo-kaap.

The Flavors and Sounds of the Bo-Kaap

Bo-Kaap is known for its amazing flavors and spices. Thousands flock here to buy herbs and spices from family run shops. Bobotie is one South Africa’s Favorite dishes, with its roots lying deep in the flavours and fragrances of the Bo-Kaap. Other traditional Dishes with origins in the Bo-Kaap is the loved Bredie and delicious koeksisters.

Dubbed their own Tweede Nuwe jaar, the Bo-Kaap community has its own new year festivities. On the second of January, the Famous Kaapse Klopse, or Cape Minstrels takes to the street for a carnival like celebration. This tradition dates back to 1887. These festivities continue well through the first few Saturdays of the new year. It is a Celebration of the Heritage of the communities of the Bo-Kaap. Some famous songs performed by the Cape Minstrel is Hier’s ek weer, and Daar Kom Die Alibama 

Join us on our City Cycle Tour and discover the heritage of the Bo-Kaap! Other stops on this tour include the Green market Square, Company gardens, the Grand Parade, and many more hidden gems of the Mother City.


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