Nestled between the tourist filled V&A Waterfront and the buzzing Promenade, sits this affluent suburb. Green Point is a social and recreational hub that showcases the beauty of the Atlantic Seaboard.

The Lighthouse of Green Point

Dubbed the Moaning Mini by Locals, the Green Point Lighthouse is a beacon on the outer edge of Green point. The Lighthouse is said to be the oldest operational lighthouse on the coast of South Africa. First lit in 1824, the red and white candy-striped building has been an iconic beacon for all sea and land dwellers. Its powerful light could be seen approximately 11 km away. Today, the lighthouse is home to the offices of the Lighthouse services, who service approximately 45 lighthouses on the South African seaboard.

In 1926 a foghorn was installed, that sounded every 30 seconds. This caused an uproar from the local community, with various letters of complaint that showed up to the offices of the Mayor. Apparently, the horn could be heard from as far as a kilometer from the Lighthouse. In 1986 the horn was replaced by an electrical version that was placed on the Sea wall, a few meters from the lighthouse. The electrical horn does sound but is swallowed by the great residential buildings.

Green Point Attractions

In recent years, Green Point has transformed into a cosmopolitan hub with many social spots dedicated to locals and tourists. The suburb is known for its leisure activities, as it’s home to the Green Point park. The 12.5 hectares park offers free entry for all. There are two play parks within in the park for younger children, one called Adventure Play park (7 to 16 years) and the Tot-Lot Play Park (1-6 years). The park boasts various lakes, jogging trails, and an outdoor gym. The park is also dog friendly.

The Green Point park is the 5th most visited tourist attraction in Cape Town. The park features an outdoor Labyrinth near the Lighthouse entrance. The Biodiversity Showcase garden is home to over 300 Cape Town Plant species, as well as 25 000 indigenous flora.

The very popular Cape Town Stadium sits with great stature on the Atlantic seaboard. It’s Commonly referred to as Green Point stadium, as it was the previous name before the rebuilding commenced.

The building was constructed as a football stadium for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup but has since been used for various other events. The Stadium has hosted the annual cape Town Sevens tournament since 2015. It’s also home to the Ajax Cape Town Football Club.  . The stadium is also used as a events venue, hosting events such as Ultra, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo, and the Ed Sheeran Concert.

Green Point is also home to excellent cafes and eateries. The Suburb is known for its busy restaurant scene, from quaint delis to full service burger restaurants. It’s within close proximity to the busy promenade and the tourist flooded V&A Waterfront means that Green Point is always filled with a diverse group of people who want to bask in the wonderful atmosphere that Cape Town has to offer.

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