Towering over the Mother City, Table Mountain is truly a Proudly South African Wonder. The Mountain welcomes Cape Towns visitors with its might and splendour.

The Natural Wonder of the World

Table Mountain was inaugurated in December 2012 as one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. The mountain is the only Wonder that is located in a urban area, which makes it the most accessible wonder. This status amplifies the beauty and sheer wonder of the mountain. On International Cable Car day, the 17 of January 2019, the 28 millionth visitor was officially welcomed to the mountain. World famous faces, like Queen Elizabeth II, Oprah Winfrey,and Nina Debrov has seen the beauty of Cape Town from the peaks of Table Mountain. This beautiful mountain is also one of the worlds most photographed destination, sporting on many an Instagram feed.

It’s not only a popular tourist destination but also a Wedding destination. There are more than six different hidden venues on top of the mountain. About two couples a month get married on the beautiful mountain.

The various adventures

Called A gift to the Earth by the Father of the Nation, Nelson Mandela, Table Mountain has many hidden wonders. Many guests choose to summit the mountain by Cable car, but there’s nothing like experiencing its beautiful hiking and mountain biking trails. For the truly adventures, the Abseiling adventures off Table Mountains edge is a must. This is a different way to see the landmark of the Mother City.

The mystique of the Legend

From great Xhosa folklore of Umlindi Wemingizimu, to the Portuguese legend of Adamaster, Table Mountain has many legends that surrounds it. The most popular of these folklore is the legend of the Pirate Van Hunks and his battle with the Devil.

Whenever the Cape Doctor pulls the Table Cloth over the Mountain and the great clouds spill over its edges, the visions of Van Hunks appears. Van Hunks was a great pirate who spent his days terrorizing the seas. He finally came to settle on the shores of the Cape Colony. Spending his days at his favorite spot on the mountain, smoking his prized pipe, enjoying the view of the Cape.

It was here that a man, draped in black, appeared in front of the Great Pirate. The pirate bragged and boasted about his great smoking ability. The man, seeing the billows of smoke coming from the mouth of van Hunks decided to challenge him to duel. They started to huff and puff, leaving behind clouds of smoke that spilled down the mountain like a great white cloth.

Van Hunks smoked his pipe confidently, finally causing the stranger to set down his pipe in defeat.

With one whip of his coat, he revealed himself to be the Devil. The Devil was angered by this defeat and in a lightning flash the two disappeared, leaving behind their billows of smoke.

Today, van Hunks’s favorite spot is called Devil’s Peak, named after the stranger in black. As the South Easter causes the soft white clouds to role over the Mountains tops, its said that Van Hunks and the Devil are smoking for their souls.

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