Against the eastern slopes of Table Mountain sits a floral kingdom. Kirstenbocsh botanical gardens have been named one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world.

The Wonders of the garden

Kirstenbosch  Botanical garden is not only home to floral gems such as the Cape Fynbos but houses many different species from across Southern Africa. The estate stretches across 528 hectares, which includes a variety of indigenous plant species, as well as a natural forest.

The gardens stretch across 36 hectares, containing over 700 different species. The garden and forest can be explored via various walkways and trials. The garden is divided into smaller sections, each including different species with different characteristics. A favourite amongst visitors is the fragrance garden, which houses the plants with interesting textures and scents. The medicinal garden includes various plants that have been used for its medicinal qualities throughout the ages.

The most spectacular garden is awarded to the Protea garden. The garden is home to the Proteaceae family, of which the King Protea definitely steals the show when it is n full bloom. This family is indigenous to the Cape Floral Kingdom– the smallest floral kingdom in the world.

What to do at Kirstenbosch

As one of the most visited attractions in Cape Town, Kirstenbosch definitely knows how to entertain. The botanical gardens are filled with fun activities that embrace the beauty of the floral kingdom. One of the most popular things to do in Kirstenbosch is a picnic on the various grass lawns inside the gardens. Many lazy afternoons have been spent by visitors lounging in the African sun. The gardens are also popular for family get-togethers and children are often seen playing around the ponds, while ducklings frolick in the water.

The newest addition to the garden is a 130m treetop walkway called the Boomslang, situated above the arboretum. It provides a breathtaking view of the gardens as well the in-land of Cape Town. The walkway was constructed in 2014 as a centenary celebration of Kirstenbosch.

High Tea in the Garden is the perfect chance to fully submerge yourself in the beauty of Kirstenbosch by indulging all your senses. The Kirstenbosch Tea Room provides a most unique Tea experience, where you can taste one of the most unique tea flavours that are proudly South Africa- Rooibos tea.

The Yellowwood trail is perfect for those seeking adventure. The trail leads to a breathtaking permanent waterfall which is situated where the trail meets Table Mountain. It’s the perfect place to visit during the warm Cape Town summer months. The best way to summit Table Mountain from Kirstenbosch is to take on The 5-hour Skeleton Gorge Trail. The trail leads to beautiful 360 views of the City.

The gardens are also home to various man-made art pieces. Many of these pieces are scattered around the gardens, which includes animal sculptures from artist Dylan Lewis, as well as African stone carvings. Kirstenbosch also features a bust of resident Nelson Mandela, which was made in the 1990s.

Come explore the beauty of Kirstenbosch National Botanical garden on our team adventure through Kirstenbosch. The adventure includes spear throwing, beading, fun activities, and exploring the garden.


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