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Here at Day Trippers have been running cycling tours since 1992 and over the years, have evolved, into the leading bicycle touring operation in Southern Africa. We value our clients feedback and feel that’s important for new clients to see.

Five days of heaven on earth (with a few hellish headwinds thrown in) doing the Cape Build Up Tour. Words cannot describe the incredible experience and levels of service that Di, Steve and the team provided on the 2017 Cape Build Up. (but I’ll try).

This tour runs over five days and starts in Jeffreys Bay and ends in Gordons Bay. Daytrippers provides all the backup, support logistics etc to allow 30 odd riders to cycle for 5 days without a care in the world. There is nothing better after a hard day’s ride to arrive a beautiful hotel, be handed your key and told, “your case is in your room, and don’t worry about your bike because we will take care of that overnight for you.”

It is their extra level of attention to detail, their flexibility to adapt to changing conditions, their unbelievable ability to deal with 30 prima donnas (mostly older) cyclists and their sheer joyful and good-hearted service that puts Daytrippers ahead of the rest. Oh, and it does not hurt that you will be riding through some of the most beautiful countrysides in the world. I whole heartedly recommend Daytrippers and the Cape Build Up.


I am in the full swing back at work and I wish I was back on the tour, riding those awesome routes and stress-free. I have never been on a cycle tour, so everything was new for me. I had such a great experience, I loved the rides, the routes, getting to our Hotels and being treated to whatever was on the menu. I wish I could have spent more time at each place, but I was soo tired, all I could think of late at night was my bed.
Thank you for the hospitality, the backup vehicles, the hard work that is done behind the scenes, does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Well done to you and your team, Selle is amazing and such a great support, a big Thank you to him. Liz and James really treated us well and I learnt a lot from Liz on how to appreciate a mountain….that is for sure! The group was a treat, good laughs, and so nice to see men spending their time keeping fit and enjoying life. Hope you are all resting or are you on another tour? Take care, see you soon.


Just to say `thanks so much` to you and your team of dedicated hard working great guys who never stop smiling and going way beyond their call of duty. Nothing is too much trouble and every request is handled `with pleasure` – it makes the `build up` so enjoyable for all of us.  To all of you, thanks for the effort and spirit` – it is great to experience it and be part of it. Have a great year – you deserve it.

Pat and Greg

Thank you for a wonderful tour, it was a great bunch of people and extremely well run. Thank you also for meeting my unusual dietary requirements.

Sean Joffe

Hi Di and Steve, thanks for a fantastic tour! This was my first tour and I was not sure what to expect but the level of service you guys deliver and the level of logistical organisation made the event very enjoyable and memorable. I will definitely be back for more tours.

Mark Barenblatt

Thanks to you all for the simply great 5 days of cycling – I did enjoy it and appreciated the team’s patience with our “cherry picking” of the parts we wanted to ride.


A big thank you to you and your whole team for making our tour so enjoyable. So well organised, the backup teams were always so willing to help, no problem was too large, and always a smile on their faces. Looking forward to joining you on your next year’s tour. Best regards to both you and Steve.

Steve Jossel

Hi Di, Steve, Alex, Sele and team, just to say `thanks so much` for a fantastic few days.
You guys really go way out of your way to make us comfortable, safe and happy and we absolutely appreciate it so much. Nothing is ever too much effort or trouble and everything is done with a smile and no hassle. Thanks so much from all of us.

Pat, Greg, Nick and Bryan

Good morning Mr and Mrs T, once again you have really excelled – a wonderful Build-up – thanks to you both and the team. Seemed to have spent a lot of time laughing – sure energy which might have been better applied to the pedals – but what the hell! Worth every minute.

Mike Duff

Thank you very much for a great tour and all your help and friendly assistance. Tour was great, food excellent and support team and massage therapists were first class.

Jenny May Janse Van Rensburg

This was one of the best Build-Up’s for me – lovely group dynamic, excellent weather, good accommodations & food and tireless support.

Bruce Ravenhill

To Steven, Di, and the Daytrippers team: Just a quick note from Mike and I to thank you once again for a fabulous training camp: I can’t imagine how bad the Epic would have been without having those 4 days in the tank, together with all the insight that comes with it. Can’t guarantee I’ll be back next year – just completing this one is enough to contemplate, but if I’ve signed up again next year, the Daytrippers camp will be a must-do-again!

Ralph Buddle

I can’t believe it took me so many Epics before I realised what an advantage your Training Camps gives one. Despite introducing your body to the physical demands of the route, the mental advantage of knowing over which terrain one needs to go is priceless. Even after a few Epic’s, it settles the nerves and fears of “… hope I will be lucky enough to finish…”

Can you please put my name down for both training camps.

Elmien Stander

You are quite possibly becoming blasé about positive feedback from your customers – everyone seems to love the experiences you provide for them – but I would like to briefly add my voice to the din. The camp met all the objectives that had been promised, presented a whole bunch of experiences plus insights that had not been promised, and exceeded my expectations (and they were not low).  We learnt a massive amount about our bikes, the route, how we function as a team as well as the stunning geography of this fine land.  And we had heaps of fun. Thank you, it was FANTASTIC.  Look forward to seeing you at the Epic – you better follow through with that promised loud support!

Christo Geyer

Hi Steve and Di, It was absolutely awesome seeing you guys on the route, especially the first time I saw Steve at the bottom of Groenlandberg. I saw him a few more times and Di on occasion and it was so awesome- like a pupil seeing their teacher :). The training camp was so helpful to me as I knew exactly how steep and long the climb was and knew from the training camp how hard I could go, and what the recovery looked like after the climb. My goals for the epic were realized and the pre-knowledge of the routes contributed immensely.

Jacques Tattersall

Hi Di, Through this mail, I wanted to express my gratitude to you and the entire Daytrippers team! I didn’t have any expectations getting on the camp, but it was the most epic thing I have ever experienced! A great group of fantastic people, all excited to climb the mountains and suffer to the fullest. I couldn’t be happier. It was pure enjoyment, being one with nature. The camp was one big hell of a ride and lots of fun! I hope to be back one day and explore more of South Africa. And maybe I’ll ride the Epic some day. Keep doing what you do – I loved Daytrippers’ enthusiasm and professional coaching. Thanks for facilitating my first ever mountain bike experience. Wished I could ride MTB more often. Send my regards to Steve and the team. Thanks again for the epic memorable moments!


Di / Steve, Thanks for the email and more so for your support during our camps and the loud support during the race. The difference knowing a few friendly faces made this time around is immeasurable and the extra push we gave when hearing the espresso pot may well have made the difference not to mention the extra kick Rod had after Di provided some encouragement on Stage 6. We wouldn’t have traded our camps with you guys for anything in our preparation for the Epic – the best 4 days any epic hopeful could spend. Having ridden part of the course helped a great deal mentally and I will recommend these to anyone else crazy enough to ride the epic. I hope it was a successful week for you guys with the daytrippers riders. All the best and thanks for everything.


Di/Steve Thank you so much for your support over the Epic and on the earlier training camp. The training camp was perfect preparation in terms of knowing some of the routes, training and getting into the discipline of eating/riding at 7/etc. Whilst there are a hundred things that go into a successful Epic, not doing your training camp, in my opinion, places much more reliance on those that are necessary. I would recommend the training camp to anyone doing the Epic for sure. Thanks again for all your support. My rides will be all the poorer for there being no one clanging a coffee pot at the top of every hill.


Di/Steve Thank you so much for your support over the Epic and on the earlier training camp. The training camp was perfect preparation in terms of knowing some of the routes, training and getting into the discipline of eating/riding at 7/etc. Whilst there are a hundred things that go into a successful Epic, not doing your training camp, in my opinion, places much more reliance on those that are necessary. I would recommend the training camp to anyone doing the Epic for sure. Thanks again for all your support. My rides will be all the poorer for there being no one clanging a coffee pot at the top of every hill.


Dear Di, Thank you so much for another great training camp. You, Steve and Ricky, are simply the best, the way in which you go about living life is inspirational. As for the Epic… such a simple question, “why do you do it every year ?”, yet the answer is still hiding somewhere in the meaning of life. Looking forward to seeing you along the route.


Thank you very much for such an excellent training opportunity, your input is highly appreciated. I have previously attended other training camps but none can be compared to the Daytrippers, you guys are in a league of your own, well done. Please let me know if the second training camp planned for 17-21 January will take place, I would love to attend again. Greetings to all.

Elmien Stander

Thanks again for an awesome riding experience. This is most certainly the most significant input in terms of epic training I have done in 6 months.

Rob Wright

Thanks again to all for the fantastic trip with all the tips, help and encouragement. It was a hugely steep learning curve and was probably the most important thing we could’ve done to help us finish the Epic other than buy our bikes.

Kevin Skillikorn & Bridgette Dresner

Thanks so much for all you did to make this a worthwhile training ride. Yes, it was tough but you guys made it fun and the backup was superb. To get to ride some of those places was a real treat.

Gary Tullis

Whew “BUGGERED” doesn’t describe it!  Only got out of bed at 11 yesterday. I loved the tour and it was really worthwhile to know the reality of what’s to come. Thank you for everything.

Dawn Herbert

Apart from the great bunch, sweet routes and excellent scenery, I feel that the most value came from getting my mind around some of the Epic days – this will prove especially helpful during Epic (and we might even enjoy it too. Many thanks for the great organisation and your approach to biking, don’t be surprised if you see me again!

Reuben Fleischer

Thanks for an awesome riding experience – It was really great. From your efficient organising, the vibe you guys created, the riding lessons you taught us, your amazing hospitality (and I really can go on and on).

Nathaniel Simpson

Thanks once again for organising such an awesome training camp with all the magic ingredients – great riding, people, food, organisation, experience – with a few mechanical challenges thrown in for good measure!

Ray Farrenkothen

Thanks so much to you, Steve and Alexis for, yet again, a fantastic tour.You have it down to a fine art and I assure you the process is much appreciated by all of us.The style and manner that you have ingrained into this event are fantastic and I feel privileged and honoured to be a participant.You deserve all the good things that happen to good people!


The tour was wonderful.  Steve and Alex were so hospitable and helpful.  They really have a way of making sure that everything runs smoothly and that nothing appears to be too much of a problem. The manner in which they accommodated Paul and me on the tandem and helped us with our various teething troubles is greatly appreciated by the two of us.  The new route was very enjoyable, the accommodation was fantastic and the group all got on well, making it another fun-filled week.

Sarah Smith

Thanks for a great and very well organised trip – as usual met or exceeded all expectations.

Patrick Landey

Primavera was a great tour – the routes we rode definitely some of the best. (admittedly we were also lucky with the weather)…  Well done again – certainly a tour that gets ‘big time’ approval from me.

Doug Leather

Many thanks for a fantastic tour. The route, venues, planning and organisation were outstanding.

Stephen Gregory

Just a quick note to thank you all for another terrific experience. It may just seem like a cycle tour and hard work to you guys, but it really enriches our lives. You have a fantastic bunch of clients and the get-aways bring great enjoyment and balance to us. Well done and keep it up, I hope to see you on many tours yet.

Rowan Gordan

Just a note to say a warm thank you for an exceptionally well organised and executed Prima Vera. You guys always go the extra mile for us and you do it so calmly and always with a big smile.

Nick Stamatiadis

My son really loved the Winter Warmer and said it was one of the best things he’s ever done in his life. He complimented everything, the support, the places we stayed, the food, the cycling and of course so enjoyed meeting everyone. I think he finally has respect for his parents haha.


Hi Di, Once again – Thanks so much for yet another ‘exceptional’ few days. You, Steve and your team, are absolutely fantastic at making us feel special, and looking after our wants and needs, with always a smile and great willingness. I loved this tour – best ever – and I really appreciate the way you guys made Mike’s first tour so memorable. He really loved every minute of it – well nearly! He didn’t love Swartberg so much! The food was excellent – better than Prima Vera. The weather was fantastic. The group dynamics really made the tour that much more memorable and enjoyable. The fact that no one fell off – besides YOU –  whilst stationary, was incredible! Anyway – thanks yet again.


Thank you for another super tour.  The route was so beautiful even if the distances were too much for me, and the group size worked well as there was always someone to ride with.  Accommodation and meals were super. Looking forward to seeing you at Primavera time!


Thanks so much for another awesome experience. It was absolutely fantastic. The places we went to blew me away. Everything ran like clockwork and in true Daytrippers style, it was a fun and challenging. See you all in September!


Thank you all so much for an absolutely awesome week of everything that makes for a really great breakaway – lovely people, fantastic food and accommodation, superb organisation and best of all returning much fitter than when I left. Remember to put my name down on your proposed Wild Coast ride next May!

Norma Salmon

Hi Di and Stevie, Thanks, soo much for a really great experience. You guys were, as per usual, fantastic in every respect – you outdid yourselves and make it a very hard act to follow in the future! The organization, facilities, accommodation, food and attitude were best ever – and that`s saying something. The route was well planned and spectacular.
I loved almost every single kilometre in spite of Swartberg and Rooiberg! In fact, the challenge was very rewarding and I would do it again tomorrow if I wasn’t so stiff and `poked` in my legs! I appreciate how difficult the logistics are when you have twenty riders of vastly different standards with varied wants and needs stretched over that sort of terrain – you managed it fantastically. Congrats to you and your great team and thanks again for an unforgettable experience.


I had the pleasure of completing the Cape Point and Peninsula Tour with Alexi about four days ago. The weather wasn’t particularly good that morning but it was worth ever cent. Alexi is an asset to your company! As I mentioned, the conditions were not great, however, Alexi was extremely knowledgeable and able to answer all the questions fired at him. He also kept us entertained throughout the day. If Alexi’s anything to go by, your company is doing a great job, and I’ll be recommending the tour to everyone going to Cape Town!


Just after having participated two trips we wish to thank you for the arrangements. Both trips were a very very good value for the money, and we gladly recommend Day Trippers.

Risto & Marita

My wife and I went on your Nov 5th wine tour and Nov 6th cape point tour. Both were excellent. On the wine tour, Tish took us to a few different places and went out of her way to accommodate us.  On the cape point tour, Neil really went above and beyond not only was the tour great but after the tour, he ensured that we got from our old hotel to the new one.  Both the tours were perfect and great value for money.  Thanks again.


This is to sincerely thank you for making my trip to the Cape of Good Hope a reality. I had a great time down there and Alexis was indeed great. He gave us a treat of a lifetime.

Dr. S. Kimatu

I just would like to thank Daytrippers for the tour to Cape Point on 8th November. It was unforgettable. The cycling in Cape Point was truly the highlight of the day! People enjoyed it very much. Some people even personally thanked me to introduce the tour to them. Again, thank you very much for the tour and services. I hope I can return to Cape Town some day.


I’d like to thank you for the wonderful trip with had with Kevin, he was really a very good guide and quite knowledgeable of a lot of stuff we were asking him.  He was patient, friendly and very easy to approach. We a had trip to remember! We’ll certainly recommend your service to everyone who’ll be visiting Cape Town.

Thobela & Sanele Ngidi

Dear Day Trippers, I would like to extend a big thank you for the awesome cape point tour that I was lucky enough to have experienced yesterday. Our tour guide Alex was enthusiastic and really made our tour more enjoyable, full-filling and fun. The highlight for me was the cycling at the end of the tour, just being out there in nature and surrounded by fresh air was overwhelming! I had the best day. Thank you so much, keep up the good work!

Maranda Muller

The tour was fantastic! Very well organised and Alex was the best guide ever!


I have recently returned from South Africa. I did a wine tour with you guys. The guide’s name was Alex (I hope I remember the name correctly) and I just wanted to say a big thank you to your company and to Alex himself as he was an excellent guide with a great sense of humour and big knowledge of everything we came across (not just the wines and wineries we went to but also South Africa in general). We had a great day out and mostly because of your employee’s enthusiasm and knowledge. Thank you very much for a very memorable day in South Africa.


It was a wonderful day and Paul is a superb tour guide and an excellent driver.   He was efficient, thorough, gave a very good outline of what the day would be and what was coming up next.    He was kind and positive and gave the day a wonderfully positive tone.   Additionally, I appreciated the variety of cultural and environmental information he presented in a very clear and easy manner as we moved through the tour. Clearly, he is very knowledgeable and also a wonderful communicator. Thank you for yet another wonderful day.   This was my sixth Cape Peninsula tour with Daytrippers and I am so pleased to recommend the tour to anyone I can.   I hope to call you again the next time I have a group here.

Frances Murphy

Just a little positive feedback with regard to your guides, almost every client we send with you at the moment come back raving about the quality of your guides including our difficult Hiroko from yesterdays Peninsula tour, it really makes things easy for us when that happens as clients are more inclined to book more trips when they have a great experience to start of with. So please tell your guides to keep up the excellent work.

Aardvark Travel Centre

We have just got back from our day trip, please can you pass on our sincere thanks to the tour guide Sele, he was a fantastic guide very friendly and knowledgeable and a credit to your company, he was so kind to our son Charlie, we will definitely be recommending day trippers and Sele.

Sue, Glen & Charlie

I would just like to send a big thank you for yesterday’s tour! The 4 pax I booked was very happy and said that the day was amazing! I told my office of my experience first thing this morning and I suggested we use your services for our younger clients. I loved the combination of the optional biking and normal transport. Have a great day and thank you again!

Lizel Bruwer


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