Choose from our list of designed events and experiences or let us create team building activities to suit your needs, in and around Cape Town. Please download our list of available team building activities in Cape Town (with terms and conditions).

Adventure Team Building Orienteering – Tokai Forest

Bookings Essential 

This team adventure day is set in our forest venue at Tokai, Cape Town. Your company will be split into teams who then rotate on a fun-filled and challenging course through forest and fynbos, following a series of clues linked by activities such as hiking, orienteering and mountain biking, very basic, fun , entry-level activities on the bike. This is a very fun experience for team building Cape Town.

Cape Town forest

Forest Gump Olympics Team Building

Bookings Essential 

In this corporate team building experience, Divide into groups and move off with an activity leader in this team building experience. Each group will compete in all events. Groups can accumulate points and thereby establish a winner if it is appropriate.

team building winelands

Treasure Hunt in the Cape Winelands

Bookings Essential 

During this Team Building, the group will be divided into separate vehicles, each with a driver or guide. Each group will have a folder with questions that they need to answer. The answers will lead them to a series of locations which they will find on the map provided.

The accumulative answers will lead to the treasure at the final destination.

Treasure Hunt Around Cape Town Peninsula with Bikes

Bookings Essential 

The group will be divided into smaller groups. Depending on numbers they will all travel together in one bus with a guide or split into further busses, each with a guide if need be. Each group has a file with clues & questions. The answers will be collected at various points of interest en route to the Cape Point Nature reserve.

Treasure hunt in Cape Town Tokai by daytrippers

Mountain Bike Treasure Hunt – Tokai Forest

Bookings Essential 

We cycle the trails of the Constantiaberg Mountains with stunning views across the Southern Suburbs to The Hottentots Holland Mountains and beyond in this team building experience. The main group will be divided into teams where they will be set loose in the forest to find their own way around following instructions and maps to retrieve clues which will earn them points. They will also collect items for a “mystery task” to be performed at the end of the team building and enjoy some fun activities on the bike.

Mega Tasting Day – Cheese, Wine, and Chocolate

Bookings Essential

Everyone will go through the cellar and be taught how wines are made from start to finish. They will learn how to differentiate between different cultivars by using their senses, ie, the way the wine looks, the way it smells and the way it tastes. This information is vital for the next stage of the day.

Township Experience

Bookings Essential 

Groups will be transferred to the Cape Town townships in Day Trippers “taxis” and then follow a set of instructions leading to answers to various questions and to a number of activities including but not limited to cleaning, shopping, making beer and food, decorating ceramic bowls and playing games in this team building event.

Kirstenbosch team building

Kirstenbosch Gardens Adventure

Bookings Essential 

The group will be divided into teams and rotate through the various tasks as follows, singing, beading, drawing, spear throwing, playing games, orienteering and much more while journeying through the Kirstenbosch gardens, Cape Town. All groups meet back at the amphitheatre and sing their song for the others, then all groups sing it together. The various paintings will also be displayed on stage along with the original pieces.

Potjie kos at Team building in Cape Town

Potjiekos Fun Games Team Building Challenge

Bookings Essential 

The group will divide into teams. Each team will receive a different, numbered recipe. This number will become the group number. Fires will be lit by each group in the fireplace with their corresponding group number, in order to generate coals for the potjiekos competition. Once fires are lit, the games will commence, working in the same groups we go an amazing team building adventure.


We’ll gladly help you set up your next fun-filled day


The details are dictated by your:

  • Length of stay
  • Size of group
  • Budget
  • Degree of difficulty
  • Points of interest
  • Special attractions
  • Additional activities and sight-seeing