Potjiekos Fun Games Challenge

The group will divide into teams. Each team will receive a different, numbered recipe (these will be drawn out of a hat).

This number will become the group number. Fires will be lit by each group in the fireplace with their corresponding group number, in order to generate coals for the potjiekos competition. Once fires are lit, the games will commence, working in the same groups, activities include:

Pinecone stack (groups have 5 mins to collect as many cones as possible and to build them into as high a stack as possible. Two team members must use their bodies together as a human foundation for the stack. Groups may use the bodies in whatever way they choose. Stacks will be measured with a tape measure from the ground to the tip of the highest cone – the highest stack wins points).

Spear-throwing (like darts, but on the ground. Points awarded for proximity to bull’s eye. Sound to be used by the group to guide blind participants).

Orienteering (starting from the group fireplace and using a compass, the group must follow a series of clues leading to “treasures” – these will be all the necessary ingredients to be used in the various potjies).

…at this point, the coals should be almost ready for commencement of the cooking competition.

Groups prepare potjies and when these are simmering away, the games continue, including but not limited to:

Tossing the Caber – The caber toss is a traditional Scottish athletic event in which competitors toss a large tapered pole called a “caber“.

Moonwalking: groups attached in centipede form, ankle-to-ankle, and must negotiate obstacles across a set landscape.

Soccer goal shoot – sound to be used by the group to guide blind participants.

Blind tasting -The group will all draw straws to decide who is the official taster. He or she will be blindfolded and then will be fed various foodstuffs and have to correctly identify them. Points will be awarded or deducted accordingly – this is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

We tally up points thus far, while groups add the final touches to their potjies. Ultimately, the final outcome will be decided by the potjie tasting.


Potjiekos Fun Games Challenge

The Finer Details

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Includes – All pre-planning and VAT.

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