Chapman’s Peak Drive in Cape Town is easily one of the most beautiful and scenic driving routes in the world. With long, winding turns around the tall cliffs of Chapman’s Peak Mountain, this toll road offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean between Noordhoek and Houtbay.

Chapman’s Peak View Sites

Known to locals as “Chappies”, the Chapman’s Peak Drive route is popular among motorists, hikers, bikers, cyclists and runners alike. A section of the Cape Town Cycle Tour takes part on the route and many cyclists spend their weekends riding the winding roads and stopping at the various viewpoints of Chapman’s Peak.

With Insta-worthy moments around every corner, taking a drive on this scenic route is an absolute must when visiting Cape Town.

When to Visit Chapman’s Peak Drive

Although Chapman’s Peak Drive has a stunning location, it is heavily exposed to the strong South Easter winds that have given Cape Town the nickname “Cape of Storms”. The road is often closed during periods of strong winds, heavy rainfall and low visibility. Summer time is your best bet to capture that perfect sunset pic at Chapman’s Peak Drive, but always check their official website for the latest weather conditions.

Chapman’s Peak Drive Toll Fee

Accessing Chapman’s Peak Drive requires visitors to pay a toll fee. Various toll fee’s apply to different types of vehicles and frequent users of the route can apply for discounted rates. Day passes are also available for picnic goers who only wish to visit view sites.


Current Toll fee:

  • Approximately R31 for motor cycles
  • Approximately R47 for light motor vehicles/mini bus & utilities vehicles

For more information on toll fees and day passes please click here.

*The route is FREE to cyclists and pedestrians


Operational Hours:

Chapman’s Peak is open every day of the year depending on weather conditions

Join us on our Cape Point & Peninsula Day Tour and experience the wonder of Chapman’s Peak Drive. Other stops on this tour include the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Boulders Beach, a cruise to Duiker Island from Houtbay and many more scenic stops.


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